The award recognises companies that are supporting and nurturing the sustainable growth of the market. The winners “demonstrate their innovative thinking, speed of delivery, quality assurances and transparency”. Shortlisted companies are voted in a secret ballot by an independent panel of judges, comprised of investors from across the globe.

We are proud to have won it! At LuxSE we strongly believe that exchanges –committed to ensuring transparency, offering disclosure and comparability solutions– are in a unique position to support the transition to greener and more inclusive economies. We have the ability to stir the reporting behaviour of listed entities and promote disclosure of in-depth information about the issued instruments.  Exchanges build bridges between green investors and issuers.

In this spirit, in September 2016, we decided to move from words to action and introduced the Luxembourg Green Exchange, or LGX, the world’s first platform that displays exclusively securities that raise proceeds for projects that are fully aligned with the international green taxonomy. The value of securities on LGX have already surpassed EUR 50 billion.

We are grateful that the market has welcomed our initiative and that the Green Bond Awards Jury recognised our efforts – thank you.

And let us make a promise: we will not rest on our laurels!


Communicated by LuxSE

Publié le 13 avril 2017