On 27 August 2015, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel visited the young Luxembourgish cleantech company APATEQ. The Prime Minister was welcomed by APATEQ CEO Bogdan Serban at the company’s headquarters in Luxembourg, where administration, engineering and production are based. During the visit he was informed in detail about the fast development of APATEQ since the company’s foundation with its disruptive technologies for water treatment, some of which have already been patented. After the presentation of an operational demonstration unit, he met the key people of the company. Furthermore, he had the opportunity to see the first industrial scale plant for the oil industry, that treats fracking flowback and produced water, before it is shipped to the USA.


“I am impressed by the development APATEQ made in the cleantech sector, that represents a key aspect of the diversification policy the government pursues. I compliment the founders and directors of this young company, which has been able to develop within two years, notably assisted by structures supporting R&D in Luxembourg, a technology « Made in Luxembourg », that can change the way of water treatment in growth markets such as the oil industry”, said Xavier Bettel at the end of his visit.

APATEQ CEO Bogdan Serban emphasized the importance of the Prime Minister’s visit: “The visit of Prime Minister Bettel was encouraging for our whole team, who was proud to present the results of two years of sustained work.” At the same time, Bogdan Serban mentioned the promising market opportunities in the presence of the Prime Minister: “The oil industry is currently facing low market prices. Our solution leads to reduced production costs and to improved competitiveness. Our breakthrough technologies enable our customers to treat hydrocarbon-containing wastewater without chemical additives. Customers may also reuse their water and the recovered oil can be processed in refineries. The fact that we, as a small company from a small country like Luxembourg, are in demand by the American oil industry evidences the strong competitive advantage of the technologies developed by APATEQ.”


APATEQ was founded in 2013 with a vast majority of Luxembourgish capital. Since its foundation the company has experienced strong support from the Ministry of Economy, the agency Luxinnovation and the Research Institute LIST. At the beginning of 2015 the company closed a € 5.8 million financing round with investors exclusively based in Luxembourg. Today, APATEQ sells its products in the USA, Canada and Europe. The company’s staff, currently consisting of 14 employees, is being increased to support the rapid growth of the business.


Press release by APATEQ

Publié le 31 août 2015