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ProNewTech is a 100% owned Luxembourg company. The company is registered by the Government as a Private Research Organism. As an engineering consultancy it is affiliated to the FEDIL (Federation of Industrials Luxembourg) and the OAI « Ordre des Architectes et Ingénieurs » in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. ProNewTech is competent, experienced and recognized by private and public sectors in the fields of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and “Green ICT”. Totally independent, its vocation is to study and analyze the most cost effective and energy efficient solution between manufacturers, integrators and service providers for its clients . Created in 2009, member of the European group of economic interests PROgroup GEIE, ProNewTech has as scope to develop its portfolio of services, especially in the fields of Environment and Sustainable Development. ProNewTech is providing consultancy and engineering services by offering a complete range of services including: preliminary / feasibility studies, management / coordination of the tendering procedures; technical and financial evaluations; formulation of recommendations; follow up of the project implementation till final acceptance; specific technical assistance and various strategic studies.



The unit has expertise in Smart Building concepts, sustainable IP network design and construction, mutualization and virtualization of infrastructures, environmental assessments, renewable energy, energy performance and energy efficiency of new and existing buildings and sustainable maintenance and retrofitting characterization and optimization, ICT in building and construction.


Conceptual Smart Building design: Conceptual Smart Building designs embody the design recommendations or plans and should take into account “what-if” scenarios to ensure all operational outcomes are met in order to future-proof the EE and the usage of RE of the facility. Conceptual floor layouts should be driven by IT performance requirements as well as life-cycle costs associated with IT demand, energy efficiency, cost efficiency and availability. Future-proofing will also include expansion capabilities and redundancies’, often provided in modern data centers through modularity. Design recommendations/plans generally follow the modeling criteria phase. The optimal technology infrastructure is identified and planning criteria is developed, such as critical power capacities, overall building power requirements using an agreed upon PUE (power utilization efficiency), mechanical cooling capacities, and kilowatts per floor, raised floor space, technical facilities and the resiliency level for the facility. Sub Equipment Rooms and Main Equipment Rooms have to be foreseen during the design phase as well as all mutualized infrastructures like switching, fiber optic access lines, VoIP servers, Visio conference equipment, Firewalls …. These will have varying space requirements following the conceptual design as well as a need for fire detection, extinction, UPS … This will influence the construction costs of the Building.

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